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Dancing Classrooms

Education & Prevention

Preventing unhealthy behaviors takes more than just filling a person's mind with facts and statistics.  

That's why we create our presentations and programs to include ways to build self-confidence, develop socialization skills, and identify coping strategies.  This gives individuals the knowledge, hope, and emotional strength to deal with life's challenges.

Parenting Classes

Individual presentations and eight-week classes are available. Topics include self-esteem building, how to listen to and talk with your child, discipline techniques and understanding child behavior.

Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh

Mercy Behavioral Health partners with Greater Pittsburgh area elementary schools to bring this program to students. Through Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh, students become ladies and gentlemen as they broaden their experiences, create healthy relationships with others, and develop social awareness. For the latest news on Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh, visit our blog at http://dancingclassroomspgh.org/

Learning to Live Without Nicotine

This program runs eight to 12 weeks and is available to anyone who lives in Allegheny County.

Thinking Shifts

In an effort to reduce repeat offenses, we offer a 12-week program for individuals who are in either Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Court or Drug Court. This program reviews relationships, socialization, relapse prevention and other topics.

Highway Safety Program

When an individual is arrested for DUI they may be referred to this program for evaluation, education and treatment to prevent a reoccurrence.

HIV/HCV Early Intervention

This program includes the risk factors, prevention, free testing and treatment options for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Hepatitis C Virus. All testing is confidential. Anyone over the age of 14 who is in a licensed drug and alcohol program may enroll.